A masterful timepiece and the fruit of Rolex’s watchmaking expertise

The Day-Date accompanies those personalities who shape the world in their respective disciplines through their commitment, human qualities and creative genius.


With 82 World Cup victories and three Olympic medals, Lindsey Vonn has had an exceptional skiing career. She suffered a bad fall during the 2013 World Cup that resulted in serious injury, forcing her to miss the rest of the season. During her convalescence, she was given a yellow gold Day-Date with a gem-set bezel, which, for her, came to symbolize her tenacity.

Returning to the slopes for the 2014—2015 season, Vonn claimed more titles, a perfect demonstration of her inner strength. Having retired in 2019 at age 35, she continues to extend her influence to this day through the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, which funds educational and sports programmes aimed at younger generations.


Lindsey Vonn


His accomplishments are exemplary: 20 Grand Slam® singles titles, six ATP Finals crowns, more than 1,200 career match wins, two Olympic medals, a Davis Cup triumph and 310 weeks ranked No. 1 in the world. Roger Federer is also known for his champion behaviour, his demeanour on court, his elegance and the ability to challenge himself and continue raising his game. With these qualities he has stood the test of time, remaining at the top of the sport for more than 15 years. Such a career of excellence would be impossible without a continuous mastery of time and the elements. This exceptional trajectory finds its natural resonance in the Day-Date he wears.


In the 1960s and ’70s, these three exceptional players were at the top of their game. Over the course of their careers, they won a combined total of 34 Majors. But the legend of these three gentleman golfers goes beyond their sporting prowess. By successfully combining friendship, fair play and a fighting spirit, they proved magnificently that accomplishments should be achieved for oneself, not against others. And so, the day after what was sometimes a fierce battle on the golf course, it was not unusual to see them training and laughing together. Beyond their elegance and sportsmanship, The Big Three also shared an unwavering loyalty to the Day-Date, which accompanied them for nearly five decades.


The films of Martin Scorsese have captivated audiences worldwide, his 26 feature films winning a myriad of awards. This legendary director has systematically followed his own path and transformed his chosen medium.

This eclectic and humanist director has explored every genre, from period movies to thrillers, from noir to musicals and psychological dramas. The Day-Date he wears reflects his perpetual quest for excellence, as does his body of work, which is driven by the tireless search for modernity.

Chris Evert
A source of inspiration for younger generations

Beyond her exceptional achievement of winning 18 Grand Slam® singles titles, Chris Evert has become a model for future generations. As the first major female figure of modern tennis, she has greatly contributed to increase public interest in the sport. Her calm demeanour and tenacity allowed her to shine on all playing surfaces, dominating the game in the 1970s and 80s. Her career winning percentage – 90% – is still one of the highest in tennis history. “When I first started wearing Rolex 25 plus years ago, it was about Jackie Stewart and Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, and later on it became more Roger Federer. It’s the cream of the crop. It’s not only the most successful people but it’s the best sportsmen, it’s the best behaved, it’s all about class and integrity.”

Gustavo Dudamel
The daring and charisma of a great conductor

When Gustavo Dudamel was named the Music Director of the Opéra national de Paris in 2021, it was yet another great moment in the musical journey of this singular conductor. He has changed the world of classical music, with an artistic vision that weaves together traditions, cultures and musical genres. Through his dynamic presence on the podium and his tireless advocacy for arts education, Dudamel has introduced classical music to new audiences around the globe. He is recognized as one of the most decorated conductors of his generation.

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