Yacht-Master II

The art of command

Starting strong

As a chronograph with a bold nautical character, the Yacht Master II occupies a singular place in the Rolex roster of Professional watches. It features an unprecedented mechanical function: a countdown that can be programmed and synchronized on the fly to adjust and re-adjust the watch to regatta start times. An essential tool for any coxswain and their decision-making process, as it allows them to take the best start towards victory.

The Yacht-Master II’s bold and distinguished marine character is firmly in line with the spirit of the Oyster Professional watches.


Countdown to the race

As for any voyage at sea, time management is vital in a regatta. At its launch in 2007, the Yacht-Master II features an unprecedented mechanical function: a programmable countdown with mechanical memory, synchronizable on the fly. A function that responds ideally to the need for precise timing during the crucial starting sequence of a regatta.

This flexibility is one of the major assets of the Yacht-Master II; its development was a considerable technological challenge. The programming can be mechanically memorized, which makes it possible to start a new countdown without having to reprogramme the watch, for example in the next leg or a subsequent regatta with identical countdown duration.

Furthermore, once the watch’s countdown is launched, it can be synchronized on the fly to match the official countdown via the ‘fly-back’ reset function of the seconds hand and adjustment of the countdown minute hand to the nearest minute.

Yacht sailing

The spirit of the sailor

With its unique programmable countdown with a mechanical memory and on-the-fly synchronization, the Yacht-Master II lays claim to a proud place in the prestigious line of Rolex Professional watches.

Yacht-Master II ambiance
Sailing ambiance

An unprecedented combination of complexity and simplicity.

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