Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was a pioneer and a visionary who foresaw the success of the wristwatch during the early 20th century.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was a pioneer and a visionary who foresaw the success of the wristwatch during the early 20th century. 

He was convinced that customers should only be offered reliable and durable timepieces, and wanted each Rolex watch to be an ambassador for quality. To that end, in addition to the care taken during the design and manufacturing of the watches, he also set up efficient after-sales services for each country in which the brand was sold.

This initiative has allowed Rolex to guarantee that every timepiece leaving its workshops can be maintained to the highest standards and so preserve its excellent performance. As a result, there is no limit on how long a Rolex watch can keep working and carry on being handed down from one generation to the next in order to live several lives.

A worldwide network of Rolex service centres

Rolex has a worldwide network of service centres dedicated to maintaining the watches it produces. The watchmakers in our cutting-edge workshops are trained according to strict excellence criteria and assessed regularly by Rolex. From adjusting the length of a bracelet to carrying out a complete overhaul, every type of servicing operation for a Rolex watch can be entrusted to Rolex World Service.


The quality of a Rolex watch is based on its exceptional reliability and robustness. From the outset, the company’s watchmakers, engineers and later its scientists fostered a culture of innovation and unique expertise in the design and manufacturing of timepieces.

Rolex has filed more than 500 patents in the course of its history and continues to constantly push back the boundaries of the art of watchmaking. Rolex watches are exceptional. They are designed to function perfectly today, tomorrow and into the future.

The brand has only ever been committed to creating watches of quality, with stringent requirements for reliability and durability taking precedence during the development of each timepiece – from the various manufacturing steps, to the time the watch leaves the workshops, and when taken for servicing.

Dial inspection

Training and after-sales service

In order to recruit some of the best newly qualified watchmakers for its after-sales service centres, Rolex is strongly committed to supporting those wishing to pursue a career in watchmaking. The brand contributes to training in a variety of ways depending on geographical location, as not all regions of the world have the same watchmaking heritage.

Rolex Training

Certain countries have watchmaking schools that work regularly with Rolex to ensure the continuity and even development of their courses. The brand also provides them with watches for apprentices to practise on. As a result, if apprentices join a Rolex service centre once they have finished their training, they will already be familiar with the nature and technical details of the brand’s timepieces.

Rolex Training and learning

As part of its latest initiative, Rolex presented in 2018 its own watchmaking training programme, combining practical and theoretical instruction. Provided under the auspices of Rolex World Service, this course takes place at affiliates and is designed for those wishing to specialize in the maintenance of Rolex watches. At the end of the training course and following a series of examinations at the world headquarters in Geneva, graduates join one of the brand’s after-sales service workshops.

Rolex Training and learning


To ensure excellence in all aspects of the creation and fabrication of its watches, Rolex draws on finely honed human skills and teams of seasoned experts, while making the most of advanced technologies. This approach has led to pioneering achievements that revolutionized the world of the wristwatch and still results in new developments.

The quality of a Rolex watch stems from the combination of passion for innovation and the constant search for excellence that have shaped the brand’s history.

Watches built to last

Servicing your Rolex

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