Rolex and golf

A foundation of shared values

Golf is more than a sport. It embodies qualities such as precision, integrity, humility, respect and excellence that are deeply rooted in Rolex’s identity and make the game an experience like no other. That is why, for almost 60 years, our brand has supported golf. This long-standing partnership originated in 1967 with Arnold Palmer, joined by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, known together as the Big Three. Nowadays, the relationship extends to the leading institutions and biggest events as well as the sport’s elite players and younger talent.

Golf course

Precision, integrity, humility, respect and excellence: golf is a reflection of the great school of life.

A perpetual quest for perfection

Mastering the game of golf is a lifelong learning experience. It is a lesson in patience, where the precision of the putt is matched by the power of the swing. The greatness of the athlete lies not so much in their score as in their thorough understanding of the course and ability to adapt to the elements. This perpetual learning, combined with continuous regard for what has been achieved and an ability to constantly reinvent oneself, are also part of our brand’s history.

The game of golf
Rolex Testimonee Jordan Spieth on the 12th green at the 2022 edition of the PGA Championship, one of the four men’s Majors that Rolex partners and a tournament renowned for its innovation.

Rolex, a global partner in the world of golf.

Rolex clock

The pursuit of excellence

Rolex partners all four men’s Majors and all five women’s Majors. These tournaments welcome the best players in the world, who, in turn, welcome the challenge of tackling the most demanding courses – from lush environs in the US state of Georgia, to the pristine shores of Lake Geneva and the dramatic coastlines of California and Scotland. These are prestigious grounds where nothing can be taken for granted, where keeping one’s composure, achieving maximum focus and displaying humility against the elements are key to success.

An enduring partnership

Synonymous with golf

As a partner of the most prestigious tours – the PGA TOUR®, DP World Tour, Asian Tour, Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour and Ladies European Tour (LET) – as well as being a founding partner of the Rolex Series, our brand supports the sport on a global scale. Rolex also partners three prime team competitions: The Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup and the Presidents Cup™. These events gather the best men’s and women’s golfers to compete in a spirit of camaraderie and respect. The values they transmit embody the universal nature of golf.

Tiger Wood

My ultimate achievement in golf was winning the four Majors in a row… to be the first person ever to do that in the modern era was very special to me.

Tiger Woods

Outstanding careers

Since the late 1960s and its partnership with The Big Three – Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player – Rolex has maintained a special relationship with the most remarkable men’s and women’s golfers. Following in the footsteps of Tom Watson, Fred Couples, Annika Sörenstam and Tiger Woods, many of the sport’s most decorated players have become Rolex Testimonees: Brooke Henderson, Lydia Ko, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, among them. Through their sporting achievements and human qualities, all have had a major impact on the game.

Jordan Spieth

Golf, to its foundation, is a game of integrity and one that encourages us to give back, be ambassadors, role models for kids – whether they like golf or not.

Jordan Spieth
A long-term commitment
The Old Course at the historic Home of Golf in St Andrews, Scotland, is presided over by the St Andrews Links Trust, a partner of Rolex.

A long-term commitment

Rolex is a partner of the Rules of Golf, defined by the sport’s governing bodies – The R&A and the USGA (United States Golf Association). As such, our brand is part of the perpetually evolving tradition of an age-old sport. Rolex also supports young and emerging amateur golfers by sponsoring the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and various non-professional men’s and women’s tournaments. Through these partnerships, the brand helps to perpetuate the values of the sport among younger generations.

Major mode
A season of excellence

The golfing calendar is marked by nine key annual tournaments: the Majors. These events bring together the best players in the world. Winning a Major is a towering accolade. For the athletes, it is the reward for years of hard work and the culmination of their quest for excellence.

Major mode

The men’s Majors

Rolex supports the four men’s Majors, concluding each year in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of golf. At the highest level of the sport, the Majors are where the game’s age-old traditions are perpetuated on both sides of the Atlantic.

The women’s Majors

Since 1980, Rolex has been a partner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), serving as its Official Timekeeper. Our brand also sponsors the Rolex LPGA Awards, which recognize the best women players on Tour, as well as the Rolex Women’s World Rankings. On the courses of the five women’s Majors, all supported by Rolex, the talent of these exceptional golfers shines through. The high-level athletes bring a different perspective and a breath of fresh air to the greens.

  • The Chevron Championship

    A big deal in Texas

    The Chevron Championship

  • KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

    Professional to a tee

    KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

  • U.S. Women’s Open

    The oldest women’s Major

    U.S. Women’s Open

  • AIG Women’s Open

    British rendezvous

    AIG Women’s Open