Opera hall

In tune with the times

As our universal heritage, music must be perpetuated and nurtured in our daily lives. It is in this spirit that Rolex partners prestigious institutions, including four of the world’s leading opera houses – London, Milan, New York and Paris – as well as two jewels in classical music, the Salzburg Festival and the Vienna Philharmonic.

By supporting singers, conductors and virtuoso musicians who continually reinterpret the classics to resonate with our time, Rolex contributes to keep music alive around the world.

Rolando Villazón

Rolex believes in quality and it believes in things that stay with us, and classical music is something that stays with us.

Rolando Villazón
Opera Garnier

Lasting contribution to culture

Over the years, Rolex has embraced partnerships with many of the world’s leading artists and prestigious institutions, including musicians, festivals, concerts and orchestras. These include the great operatic stages: Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, the Royal Opera House in London, New York’s Metropolitan Opera and the Opéra national de Paris.

Beacons of classical music

Rolex has been Exclusive Partner of the renowned Vienna Philharmonic since 2008 and Exclusive Sponsor of the famous New Year’s Concert since 2009, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to the arts and culture and promoting the highest level of achievement in music.

Michael Bublé

If you truly want to grasp something and become great at it, you have to put in the time.

Michael Bublé
Sonya Yoncheva

A roll call of artists

Rolex has developed enduring partnerships with many of the world’s top artists, who always reach further to attain the pinnacle of their discipline.