Did you say bienfacture

To us, beauty is never superficial.

Quite the opposite. Our founder, Hans Wilsdorf, thought that beauty, like reliability and precision, was a direct result of what we Swiss call bienfacture. A notion best translated as “fine workmanship”. It’s a belief we carry to this day, in our minds and hearts.

Giving our creations every consideration, with the utmost care, so that their quality may be reflected in their harmonious design as much as in the watchmaking wonders they hold within. It is that very belief which pushes us to kindle an aesthetic emotion, in every element, by optimizing not only our watches, but also the many human gestures that fashion them.

Case polishing

To us, beauty is never superficial. For bienfacture is as much a matter of the mind as it is of the heart.

One can perceive it in the singular way in which our watch case reflects the light. We have continually honed their curves over decades, perfecting their lines and finish. One may not be able to explain it, but this particular light’s beauty is far from irrational. From whichever angle, one can catch glimpses of its incomparable elegance in each ray’s reflection. Over years of research and experience, we have learnt to recognize this harmony at a glance. But no matter if one’s eyes lack practice. One only needs to let their intuition speak. For bienfacture is as much a matter of the mind as it is of the heart.

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